CHSAA: Cheerleading fund

Varsity Cheerleading Campaign

The Carver High School Cheerleading program is one of the vital components of the athletic program. The program allows young students to help boost morale and pride throughout the school and for all audience members. During the experience as a cheerleader student athletes learn skills that they will carry on for a lifetime and share with others. The program builds a bond between the team members. The confidence built during training in our cheerleading program can be found everyone from families passing down cheers to the corporate offices building teams for new purposes.

With that being said, our current Cheerleading Program needs all of the tools and resources possible to help these students reach their goals in having fun while in high school, achieving academic success, adding to the historic legacy of Carver High School and going on to be productive contributors in the community.

To help our program thrive, please submit your donations to help us provide the following:

Uniforms, dancewear, warmups, practice shoes, travel and meals for those time we are on the road showcasing our team's talent and representing the school.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will help these hardworking and talented student athletes accomplish their dream of cheering and representing their school and community.

Thank you,
Coach X