CHS Faculty/Staff Alumni Verification form

CHS Faculty/Staff Alumni Verification form

Registration for Former CHS Faculty/Staff

Carver High School Faculty/Staff Alumni

Welcome Carver High School Faculty/Staff Alumni!

Please fill-in all of the information below. All information is important and vital to our ability to effectively organize and communicate. You are a valued part of the CHS Community, and we look forward to keeping you informed.

Your Carver High School Alumni Association members are working hard help to preserve the legacy that you helped to build. We hope to honor our former faculty and staff members and help you stay connected with our network. That way we can make sure you receive invites to events and stay informed about our activities.

This information will also help us with organizing reunions, fundraisers to support the students at Carver High School, and sharing our historical moments that you have helped to create throughout our school’s existence. 

Thank you in advance for submitting your information and helping us make it easier to organize to help the students at Carver High School as well as Having fun with our Alumni & friends. 

After filling out this form we will do our best to make sure you have the most up-to-date information and prevent you from being excluded.